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Useful Links for College Applicants

College Board
Common Application
Universal Application
Khan Academy
Additional links pertaining to financial topics appear on the CollegesGPS website page, Financial Matters

Links for California Students

University of California
California State University
California Community Colleges
Cal Grants

Other Links of Interest

High School Counselor Week searches main media outlets for stories that may be of interest to high school students, their families, and education professionals. Articles of national interest appear on the homepage. Regional articles appear at this link:

Track your child's learning grade-by-grade with newsletters from GreatSchools. A chapter of a book by Kim Glenchur, Learning Disabilities from a Parent's Perspective: What You Need To Know To Understand, Help and Advocate for Your Child, appears at in two parts:

Understanding the Results of Psychoeducational Testing
Understanding and Preparing Your Child for Psychoeducational Testing

Tutorpedia offers traditional academic tutoring and high school and college test preparation services to Bay Area students.

The Thick Envelope posts viewpoints on school matters. Read Kim Glenchur's advice on summer activities for teenagers.

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