Advisory Services

The role of a CollegesGPS consultant is to aid students and their families - those who best know their time constraints and budgets - in fact-finding, developing strategies, and evaluating options in the postsecondary transition process. A consultant cannot decide for them whether to implement a recommendation.

CollegesGPS offers three types of services:
Discussions with clients about their preferences will result in recommendations for critical decision-making or implementation. In general, CollegesGPS offers:
Free initial discussion about services relevant to the student
Steps for accomplishing the college search, application, or transition process
Explanations of reasons for recommendations
Opportunities for the student to participate in decision-making
Encouragement of student efforts to reach identified goals.

CollegesGPS has designed the following service packages to deliver step-by-step processes and customizable summary analyses for identifying colleges, applying to colleges, and transitioning to college.

College Search

Occurs during the high school freshman through junior years
Encourages long-term planning instead of last-minute triage: The same flat fee applies regardless of when service commences (freshmen, sophomore, or junior years)
Involves an eight-step process of informational exchanges and analyses covering:
     Academic interests
     Possible improvements in study skills and time management
     High school curriculum rigor and course options
     High school extracurricular activities relevant to interests
     Possible career directions for student explorations
     Standardized test schedules
     Colleges to investigate and visit
     Interview preparation
     Student information packet for teacher letters of recommendation
Advisory services supplements -- not supplants - the work of high school personnel who submit documents, such as letters of recommendation and transcripts, to colleges
Provides information to facilitate financial aid applications
Delivers a Final College List for application purposes based on client investigations.

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Application Assistance

Suggests approaches to college application essays, ideally with editing assistance from teachers, who are familiar with teenage abilities
Delivers an application tracking system, including deadlines pertaining to early action, early decision, and scholarship considerations
Offers resources to demystify the financial aid process
After applications are submitted, CollegesGPS remains on standby for client inquiries.

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Transition Planning

Delivers to rising college freshmen and sophomores a multiyear college curriculum plan for use in the academic advising and enrollment process
Considers general elective requirements, course prerequisites, courses waived or transferable, elective preferences, extracurricular activities, and study abroad options (sample document available at the first client meeting)
Pinpoints ambiguous enrollment situations, proactively allowing the student to resolve college departmental awards of credit prior to academic advising
Facilitates an understanding of graduation requirements, and thus prepares the student to more fully discuss enrollment options during college academic advising sessions
Encourages student inquiries about reasons for following a particular curriculum path
Adjusts multiple course sequences to satisfy prerequisites and avoid overload, such as multiple laboratory requirements for science majors
Identifies general electives that simultaneously satisfy major course requirements
Enables opportunistic backup plans for situations such as scheduling conflicts or limitations on class availability
Can address various needs: fulfilling lower division requirements at a community college, prerequisites for postgraduate programs, or acquisition of career-related skills.

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