The College Search: Each College is Different

There are more than 1,500 accredited four-year colleges and universities in the United States with varying acceptance rates:

Less than a hundred colleges accept less than a third of applicants
About a hundred colleges accept one-third to one-half of applicants
Almost three hundred colleges accept one-half to three-fourths of applicants
Almost a thousand colleges accept at least three-fourths of applicants
Less than a hundred colleges have specialized professional programs in which admissions criteria are not primarily academic.

There is a college for every student who wants to attend one. The biggest applicant mistake is not submitting applications to the right colleges.

Colleges have different student demographics, facilities, majors, programs, resources, and personalities. Extracurricular activities, academic support, social fit, cost, and the outcomes of a college's graduates will likely factor into the search process. The basic question: If accepted, would a student flourish on that campus, studying and socializing for a few years until graduation? If not, move on. When possible, visit a college during an academic term, when the normal campus rhythms of classes and dorm life are evident. Take time to understand differences between programs. Parents should remain open-minded and supportive throughout the process.

Ideally, identifying appropriate college prospects balances two conditions:
1. Fit colleges where the student can transition from high school and academically thrive.
2. Selective colleges for meeting motivated and interesting students, and for access to relevant postgraduate opportunities.

CollegesGPS aims to help students achieve this balance of college fit and selectivity. Information is drawn from the Internet, publications, local college presentations, professional conferences, and visits to the colleges themselves. Once accepted, how do you choose between colleges? Campus visits provide impressions about the surrounding environment, physical facilities, and living logistics.

Click on the link below for a list of campuses visited by CollegesGPS.

College Campuses Visited

Additional college visits are planned for 2016 and beyond.